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90.9 The Bridge
Chris Haghirian had Eric and Micah on EightOneSixty to talk about The Chalkboard Podcast's origins, our favorite movies of the 21st century and picked some tunes to play on The Bridge. Listen here


89.3 KCUR
Local Kansas City NPR affiliate KCUR 89.3 named The Chalkboard Podcast one of its "14 Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2018." 

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Playlistplay publishes these fantastic, thoughtful Liner Note essays in which they ask artists to write something about what music means to them. We aren't artists, but they let us reflect on how music has played a key role in our friendship and was a vital part of what inspired The Chalkboard Podcast. Read our whole Liner Note here.

Sara Peterson

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Sean Jenkins

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