The Chalkboard Podcast Story

The Chalkboard Podcast is Micah Conkling and Eric Milner: former elementary school enemies who bonded as best friends over a middle school paramecium project, then years later started a podcast to talk about pop culture and good people doing the things they love in their hometown of Kansas City.

Why "The Chalkboard"?

Micah and Eric were roommates up on the 3rd floor of a grimy Midtown apartment building.  It was a total dump: no A/C, creaky wooden floors, and eventually, one of their neighbors got bedbugs, which eventually forced all tenants to move out of the 6-plex unit. The apartment was garbage, but it was a space filled with great conversations and plenty of laughs.

One of the memories that stands out most from their stint as bunkmates was a small framed chalkboard Micah's mom bought the guys to "spruce up the place." I guess she didn't think Tarantino movie posters and old boxes of High Life counted as decor. Micah and Eric quickly made use of the chalkboard by writing down and arguing about power rankings: lists like best area breakfast joints, favorite Springsteen songs, and the most inspirational sports movies. That chalkboard was a space to discuss, debate, and develop beliefs about media, culture, and everyday life. 

We believe Kansas City pride is more than just wearing a certain brand of ball cap or taking pictures in front of an Instagram-able mural. Kansas City is great is because of its people: they're creative, talented, and kind.

We're having from conversations from Kansas City, because they're worth hearing.